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By Valerie C.

Rig tow truck

The time of our lives…? Not exactly when on Aug. 19, when our rig broke down on I-25 outside Paducah, Kentucky and had to be towed.

After packing up everything and heading south, we made our goal of dropping off my son at Clemson University for his freshman year in two days. The RV, however, had other ideas about our plan to meet Mitch’s son in Salt Lake City.

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Just saw some antelope for the first time on the trip! They were near the Wyoming/Utah border. I didn’t get a picture but I was so excited! Then I saw some more. And some more. Now I’m like, “Oh. Antelope.” Mitch sill hasn’t spotted them though (he’s driving). Give it five minutes.

Post Script:

We’ve now seen quite a few pronghorn antelope in the western U.S. since the start of our trip. Here is a picture  of  pronghorn antelope we took in Yellowstone in July 2015!


Oh give me a home…

Honestly, seeing wild animals never gets old.

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By Valerie Coffey

Welcome to my blog, RVLuckyOrWhat!

My name is  Valerie and I’m a full-time RVer  originally from Massachusetts. Mitch  and I  are touring the U.S. in a 45-foot-long  2014 Thor Tuscany 45LT motorcoach we call the HMS Love Shack. We tow a 2014 Hyundai Veloster to tool around in when the Love Shack is parked.

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