The Mitch and Val "Roadshow"

RVLuckyOrWhat is happy to announce our first affiliate marketing agreement with Wholesale Warranties, a company we truly can stand behind.

We researched extended warranty companies as carefully as we researched which RV to buy, and we chose Wholesale Warranties.

Anyone familiar with RV ownership knows that motorhomes and travel trailers have a mix of numerous complex systems — engine, chassis, plumbing, appliances, heating and air-conditioning, furniture, slides, electronics — all of which can cause headaches. And anyone familiar with our story knows that we experienced many problems with our brand new coach, and that is a common theme among RV owners.

Like a sticks and bricks home, many items in our RV that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty expire at the one-year mark. As our plans include a lot more travel and adventure, we didn’t want to be without thorough extended warranty coverage.

We already had our first claim with Wholesale Warranties, and had a stress-free experience. If you’re like us, you’ll want to consider buying an extended warranty for your RV, boat, or tow vehicle to cover your ass..ets.

More Information on RV Warranties

Get an RV Warranty Quote through our site


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